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Jobs In Tshwane

Jobs In Tshwane: How To Get The Interview

According to a published article on the BusinessTech, the unemployment rate in South Africa stood in at 30% in June 2020.

With a population of 59 Million, this amounts to over 17 million unemployed citizens.

The economy is contracting and therefore jobs have become a scarce resource.

For the jobs that are available we are about to help you get them!


Where to get government Jobs


Some of the best sources for government Jobs in Tshwane includes the DPSA circular of vacancies.

This circular is updated often and is available on the website for the Department of Public Services and Administration in South Africa.

In Addition, Government Jobs in Tshwane can also be found at Gauteng Online.

Newspapers like the “City Press” and “News24” have career sections where government departments also like to post available vacant positions on.


How to apply for government jobs


Always use a z83 form to apply for government vacancies.

This should be the norm unless otherwise stated.

Therefore it is very important to read and understand the requirements of a job post to make sure that you do exactly as you are required to.

Failure to follow instruction is enough to get your application thrown out early in the recruitment process.

Government posts require that your CV is accompanied by certified copies of all supporting documents that you are submitting as part of your application.

More so you need to ensure that your documents are not certified more than 3 months ago.

If they are not recently certified they will be rejected together with your application.

The z83 form is obtainable online and in government buildings for free.

Ensure that when you are completing it, that you not leave any blank spaces unanswered.

This is very important and a lot of people do not follow this simple step.

This could be another reason you are not invited for interviews.

Your CV should be simple, easy to read and free of spelling mistakes.Use a clear font consistently and make sure that it is up to date. There are many guidelines online on how to write a winning CV.

It is very important to be truthful when writing your CV as any misinformation could have legal implications, get you suspended and fired at your job.


Where to find Private Sector jobs


Google is your friend here and knowing how and what to search for is important.

Depending on the job you want, search for keywords like “Administrator Jobs in Tshwane”.

Look out for company names that appear under that Job tag and research those companies.

There are 3 main places where private jobs are listed. On a company website, a Recruitment Agency website and or a general job board.


Company websites


In this day and age every reputable company has a business website.

As someone looking for a job, you need to know what kind of a job you are looking for and the names of the companies that have them available.

Type in the company URL on your browser tab e.g “”.

If its a well built website then finding the job section should be easy to do.

Otherwise browse and search the web-pages looking out for any relevant openings they have.


Recruitment Agencies


Recruitment agencies are specialist companies that do recruiting on behalf of another company.

There are many companies that make use of these third party services.

Therefore you need to be able to identify recruitment agencies so that you can send in your CV to them.

They will keep your CV in their records and help link you with job openings that become available and are in line with your skills and experience among other things.

Like any other business, Recruitment Agencies should be registered with the CIPC.

It is important to be able to verify the authenticity of a Recruitment Agency as a job seeker should you want to do so.

Generally, it is not a good sign if finding details on a Recruitment Agency is proving difficult.


Job Boards


Job boards are websites that host job opening from various companies and organizations in the country.

Unlike Recruitment agencies, Job boards will not actively help you secure a job.

They will only provide a platform (website) for you to apply for jobs.

On all job boards you will need to create a profile page.

This is where you will be able to upload your certificates, CVs and cover letters.

You will need to log in regularly and keep your information updated with your current affairs.

Not only will you be ready to apply easily for open positions, you will also be good when recruiters are searching for CVs and going through the job board CV database.

Mabopane Online, Pnet, Jobvine, Careers24, Job-placements, Career-jet and Indeed are some of the better known job boards that you can use to search for jobs in Tshwane.

Like you would on a search engine like Google, you can search for jobs on them for free using your job keywords.


Create a Free Email


It is mostly impossible to sign up for a Job board when you don’t have an email address.

There are many free online based email services available in South Africa.

To create a free one go to Gmail create an account page.

Keep a record of your email address and password to avoid getting locked out of your account.

Check your inbox and “Spam” folders at least once a day to avoid missing out on important communication.


Cover Letter


Cover letters are compulsory in many Private Sector job applications.

Since this letter will be the first impression that your potential employer has of you, I cannot over emphasize the importance thereof.

Every cover letter must be unique to an individual and also unique to a job post.

Therefore no cover letter for 2 individuals will be the same and similarly no cover letter for different job applications should be the same.

Study a job listing and be able to see yourself meeting those requirements daily as an employee.

If a job requirement is a padlock then your cover letter needs to be the key.

For example, if one of the requirements on a job post is “good numerical skills” you should be able to explain and give examples of what makes you a good candidate with regard to that particular requirement.

Like with “How to write a CV” there are also many guides online on how to write a cover letter.

The basic rules that you should follow when writing your letter are as follows.

Sell yourself but never exceed 1 page. Never repeat what is already in your CV.

Use simple, professional language and ensure that there are no spelling mistakes on your letter whatsoever.



Job Closing Date


Jobs in Tshwane (and everywhere else) have a closing date.

Recruiters are often strict on these dates unless otherwise explicitly stated. Therefore one of the most important things to lookout for when studying a job post is its closing date.

Similarly you need to make sure that your application is submitted on or before the official closing date.

This is easier when you are applying via email or handing in your application in person.

If you are using the post then you need to post at least a week before the closing date using the more expensive “Fast mail” option just to be safe!


How to avoid job scams


It is easier to identify job scams if the scammer is posing as a government official than it is as a private company.

There are standard operating procedures (SOPs) that government departments normally follow for recruitment.

Private companies also have SOPs but they are not necessarily the same as the next company’s.

Therefore you will need to do you due diligence here to ensure that you don’t fall victim to a job scam.

The rule of thumb is to never pay for a job offer no matter your badly you need it.

You will either get scammed or end up working where you will never be taken seriously or respected.

There are red flags that you need to lookout for.

Some of them include checking whether or not a person’s name appears on LinkedIn. …yes as a professional it is highly recommended to have a linkedin profile for credibility.

Go through the company website because Its a red flag if they don’t have a website.

Study the email address they use to communicate with you.

Be wary of business communication coming to you from free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc) and others.




Following our guidelines is not a guarantee that you will be called in for an interview for Jobs in Tshwane.

What will happen instead is, if a competing candidate has everything equal with you then you will get the advantage on them.

This will increase the likelihood of being called in for an an interview and bagging that illusive job.

Thanks for reading our Article!

Please share it on your favorite social media and help others in need of this information.

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