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Welcome to the most comprehensive guide on how to make money online in South Africa.

At Mabopane Online, we believe that making money online in South Africa should not be a secret.

As such, we are about to reveal and show you the real ways of making money online including ones that we use ourselves.

Unemployment and retrenchments are unfortunately a common site these nowadays.

The poor world economy and the recent Corona Virus lockdown is partly to blame for this.

Therefore, as a people we are now more than ever looking for other viable means to make a living.

We need money for various reasons, some of them more pressing than others.

Reasons for wanting to learn how to make money online could be to take care of ourselves which is important for self esteem and integrity.

Another reason could be to take care of our families, secure their dreams and build or buy a home.

These reasons highlight the importance a guide article like this is. This guide could be the help that someone needs to make their dreams a reality.

So I am writing it with the utmost sincerity to you its reader.

Since usage of the internet is growing at such a high rate, it makes sense that people have made a lot of money online and that even more continue to do so today.

Anyone can make money online and while you, as the reader, can also make money online in South Africa, always know that  there are many scams on how to make money online that you will need to avoid.

There are unscrupulous people who wake up everyday to set up sophisticated and ever improving methods for making you part with the money you have.

I on the other hand will guide you to make money online legitimately.

No beating around the bush. No surveys, inboxes and no books that you have to purchase or seminars you need to attend.

I will be doing so by taking you through following channels that are guaranteed to make you money online if you are willing to put in some effort.

The channels are as follows:

  1. Online Videos
  2. Online Influencer
  3. Paid Market Research
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Drop Shipping
  6. Freelance Blogging
  7. Building Website and or Apps
  8. Forex Trading


Online Videos

Firstly, creating videos requires a decent camera equipment.

The higher specked your camera is, the better, but luckily the quality that comes as standard with many cellphones is sufficient for this purpose.

Secondly, in order to make money online in South Africa you need to create video content that is unique.

This simply means that your videos need to be specific to you and not copied from anywhere else on the web or otherwise.

Therefore, you need to be creative, original and able to think outside the box.

Thirdly, your videos must offer value. Therefore, by watching your videos, the viewer needs to gain something worthwhile.

There is no objective way to measure “value” so you will need to use your context or circumstances to determine what is worthwhile for your targeted viewer.

For example, “How to make money online in South Africa” is what is worthwhile in this case for you as a reader of this article!

Generally speaking, “How to videos” are an excellent way of creating something that has value. A good video on an in demand topic will draw many views and traffic that can be monetized.

Where should you post or share these videos? Well…YouTube is excellent for monetizing videos and lately so is Facebook.

Technology is ever changing and as such newer apps like TikToK are looking good for sharing and monetizing your videos too.

So always keep up with the times and developments.

This will help you remain relevant and at the cutting edge of industry related technological developments

Monetize your Videos:

When you upload your video you need to choose to have it monetized.

Monetizing will allow adverts to play during your videos.

You will be paid every time a viewer sees the advert and paid more if they choose to click on the advert too.

A general rule when it comes to monetizing videos is, do not try to upload and monetize protected content or any content that does not legally belong to you.

If you choose to do so, it will lead to negative consequences for you in the end. Or as South Africans like to say… “It will end in tears”!

Become an Online Influencer:

An Online Influencer is an ordinary individual, not necessarily a famous person, with an online profile that people choose to follow to get thoughts or ideas on anything ranging from products or service reviews to political views.

Suppose you create excellent videos, articles, product reviews and other views your target audience wants to know about. This makes them with time start to regard you as an authoritative figure in your field, which will increase your rank as an influencer.

Don’t expect this to happen overnight. Therefore, you need to be consistently putting out high quality and relevant content.

This is what will drive traffic to your website or your social media page of preference.

The end goal with creating videos and becoming an online influencer is to get web page traffic.

Traffic is the number of times your web or social media page loads because of someone accessing it.

This can be calculated on a daily, weekly, monthly basis etc.

The more people access your web page, the more adverts you are showing them. The more adverts you are displaying them, the more money you get paid.

If you have a targeted audience, then often companies will even approach you. They will pay you to review or advertise their products or services.

You could even opt to reach out to companies you think would be interested in talking to your audience, for a reasonable fee of course.


Sign Up for Paid Market Research:



Companies need to test products on a small number of people before they roll them out nationally.

Therefore, they spend money on getting answers to questions like “Who will buy this product, how much are people willing to spend on this product, is this product preferred more by males over females, young or old etc.?”.

Failure to do proper market research has led to many companies losing a lot of money. We all know companies don’t like to lose money.

This is why they have paid market research opportunities. They will pay you to help them answer these questions.

To participate in these surveys, you need to sign up for a service like SurveyNow. There are many others that you can search for on Google.

After signing up for your free account, you will receive an email every time a survey that you meet the requirements for becomes available. Depending on other factors, you could obtain such emails daily, weekly, monthly or sporadically.


Affiliate Marketing



Affiliate marketing is a process whereby you earn a fee for every person you refer to a particular company’s products or services.

This form of marketing works best if you have a social media profile with a good following or a significant subscriber base.

In affiliate marketing, a company could give you a reference number to refer clients with.

Every client that takes up the company’s services using the reference number given to you will be credited as your reference, and you will get paid for that.

Below are some of the companies that offer affiliate marketing opportunities:

  1. OfferForge
  2. BidorBuy
  3. Loot
  4. Clickbank


Become a Drop-Shipper



Put, in Drop-Shipping, you act as a middle man between a buyer and a seller.

  1. You create a website (Its simple with Shopify)
  2. Post products that are available at a manufacturer (Start with
  3. When someone buys products on your site, they get shipped from the manufacturer directly to the buyer’s address.

AliExpress from China’s biggest online retailer, Alibaba, offers cheap products from manufacturers in China without purchasing them in bulk.

They have products that you can use for your Drop-Shipping venture.

Shopify offers the simplest way to create a no-hassle, clean and modern online store that you can use for selling products.

After creating your beautiful web store, you should take high-quality and affordable products that you want to sell and list them directly onto your website with the prices adjusted.

If for example, a manufacturer has listed a TV as selling for R1500. All you have to do is add this product’s images and details to your website and list it for more than R1500.

When a customer visits your website store and buys the TV from you, you make the difference and have the ordered TV shipped and delivered directly from the manufacturer to the customer.

You don’t have to sell TVs. You can sell anything.

From books to wristbands and everything in between.

There are suppliers in South Africa, but because China has some of the cheapest labour costs globally, they also have some of the cheapest suppliers in the world.

So I recommend starting with the Chinese here.


Become a Blogger or Writer



If you have a way with the written word, becoming a Writer could be your preferred option for making money online in South Africa.

There are two main ways that you can go about doing this.

You could do freelance writing for online publications like TheSouthAfrican that have this option available. They will pay you a fee for every article of yours that gets published on their website.

You could also write blog posts on your website. If you don’t want to build a website, you can sign up for a free blogger account.

Your blogger account will enable you to have your own always-online space. Use it to churn out high quality and in-demand content that will drive traffic to your web page.

Create evergreen content, whether it be videos or blog post articles.

Evergreen content is timeless and is always relevant and will therefore continue driving traffic to your page well into the future.

Now you will be having a passive income going into your bank account indefinitely.


Building Websites and or Apps


Learn How to Create a Website for Free


Building Website and or Apps requires you to have a particular set of Information Technology, Web and App development skills. Or so we thought.

One of the internet beauties is it makes it super easy to learn a new skill.

Also, while coding or programming is an excellent skill for developing websites, it is unnecessary.

There are many Content Management Systems (CMS) available for free that you can use to build a high-end website from scratch by yourself in a few days.

The well known and most used CMSs are Joomla and WordPress.

Paid options for website building are also available at providers like Wix and Godaddy.

They enable you to build a website quickly without having to know a single thing about programming.


Learn How to Develop Apps for Free



GrassHopper is a free app by Google that uses games to allow anyone to learn necessary programming skills.

In South Africa, programming skills are some of the rarest and sought after skills by employers.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to learn programming to make money online in South Africa.

Perhaps even more so given the fact that you can work for yourself if you so wish.


Trade Forex and Cryptocurrencies



Disclaimer: What you read here with regards to trading currencies should not be construed as financial advice. Therefore, Mabopane Online will not be held liable for any loss resulting from reading this article.

Forex and Crypto trading is the short term buying and selling of currency pairs to generate a profit.

When writing the most traded forex pair, the United States Dollar vs the Euro (USD/EUR) and the most traded Crypto-currency pair is Bitcoin vs Ethereum (BTC/ETH).

To be able to trade, you need to sign up for a broker account. A trading broker will provide you with a software platform that you can use to exchange your currency pairs.

Trading Brokers

There are many forex trading brokers you can sign up with. One of the well-known forex brokerage firms is Plus500. 

For Cryptocurrency trading, Binance has some of the most enormous recorded trading volumes in that industry.

You will have to sign up for an account and deposit the minimum required money to start trading.

It is from there that you will be able to buy one currency in a given pair.

You will buy one currency hoping and anticipating that its price will increase or sell it with the hope that its price will decrease.

Your brokerage provider will collect a fee for every trade that you make, whether successful or not.

There are third party service and apps that claim to send you “signals”. The signals will tell you exactly when to buy or sell one currency over another.

We have researched these options and do not recommend them.

There are also companies claiming they can teach you a method of analyzing graphs and news.

This, according to them, will help you predict which currency will rise or fall.

We, unfortunately, would not recommend them too.

The truth of the matter is there is no silver bullet to currency trading.

Forex trading is hazardous and extremely volatile.

This is why 95 per cent of traders will lose their money.

A lot of people have fallen scam to forex trading scams because of many reasons.

These include using bad or fake broker services and the false belief that real trading is a get rich quick scheme.

We recommend that you take caution if trading currencies is the route you want to make money online.





We have seen that it is indeed possible to make money online in South Africa.

I have shown you various ways to go about it. However, unlike what we are led to believe, making money online is not simple.

If it were simple, all of us would be doing it. Persistence, talent and a bit of luck will help you make money online in South Africa.

Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts on other ways of making money online that we might not have included here.

Remember also to share this article using the share buttons below. Thanks for reading!

Thabiso Mmotong

Thabiso Mmotong

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